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Feb 4

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 So that’s her name, Jackie!

 Following on my aunts Free Porn revelation that,that customer was still at it and knowing that her neigbour had recently become a widower. Putting two and two together, I’d calculated that the action must take place on a Friday night because the father and son always Free Porn headed for the pub just before closing time. I figered the son told his wife he was going to have a pint with dad and see his mum first. Hey ho! if I got it right,all I needed was a suitable Free Porn vantage point to see the action.

 Being winter with dark nights,being spotted wasn’t a problem but sorting a vantage point in the dark would be crazy. So off I went in daylight to sort it. I wandered up into the bombed site Free Porn as we all did all the time. No problem there, heading towards the back wall of the houses I got distracted by an activity to one side and away from my destination. Some other kids had a den built,They Free Porn weren’t there but someone came into view just inside the entrance. I recognised who it was, ‘Arthur,the cretin’ he also had a younger cousin the girls and women for that matter called ‘little Free Porn cretin’ (more later of why they had these nicknames) anyway he had his back to the den entrance and was leaning forward. With that as I approached to be nosey, Free Porn Boobies came out looking a bit hot and flustered with the left side of her black thin sweater top up pulled up above her breast and she was attempting to put her left tit Free Porn back in her bra’ I twigged her problem was the shoulder strap was broke. Anyway being more concerned at putting her breast and its nipple back in the bra’ she hadn’t seen me yet.

 When she did She headed for me saying will you walk back up to our street Free Porn with me away from that little cretin. So I did. Knight in shining armour me to all damsels in distress. On the way she told me what had happened. She’d gone to the ruins as we called them Free Porn looking for the twins, (that’s not unusual we all knew we’d find each other there) when she got there finding no one she headed for this den to have a look. What a mistake that was,inside Free Porn was Arthur the cretin. Interupting her at this juncture and not having always lived in the area, I asked why he and his cousin was nicknamed Arthur and little cretin’s. She told me that they were both little hooligans Arthur was two years younger than ‘Boobies’ Free Porn and the cousin was two years under that and since they were about eight and ten they’d follow behind girls and women as old as their fifties then try to lift the back Free Porn of their clothes with a stick to see up their legs or if approaching from the front they’d pass each side, one making a grab for a boob while the other would whip there hand up your skirt to Free Porn try and get a feel.

 Their two mothers were at their wits end trying to stop them after older women told them about the antics. It seemed they’d boxed their years,caned their asses and with the bigger one Free Porn tied him to the bed rails,all to no avail. I asked why no police complaint had been made. She said she didn’t know, but thought the women may had seen it as a passing phase. So she went on, Free Porn luckily Arthur was on his own, “If both had been there she reckoned they would have got her” he got between her and the entrance then made a grab for her boob,as she protected them he darted his hands up her skirt,in trying to cover her boobs Free Porn and hold her skirt down at the same time her left side was vulnerable, his hand shot up inside her top grabbed her bra’ thus breaking the strap and revealing her boob to him.I didn’t let on I’d seen it out. Having seen it Free Porn out and squeezed her a bit she was panicky because she then realised he had his out ‘as she put it’ and it was hard. She knee’d him as hard as she could, ‘hence what I saw by the Free Porn entrance’ and was relieved to see me appear.

 By now and more calm,her main concern was that her mother would find out about the broken bra’ strap, half talking to herself she said I’ll ask my older Free Porn sister to fix it, if I do it myself mum might catch me but if she (her sister)does it mum will think its her own not Free Porn mine. I said then,this is crazy, we’ve chatted all that way and I still don’t know your name. Jackie’ she said aah! thats nice. nearly by her door her twin mates from next door to her appeared and Free Porn off they went, it was pretty obvious I was the centre of their question as they went on their way… Free Porn